Continental Breakfast: $7

Coffee, Rolls & Juice
Add Fruit, bagels, muffins, yogurt or cereals $1.50 per person, per item.

Hot Breakfast: $12

Scrambled eggs, Bacon or Sausage, Fried Potatoes, English muffins, fruit, juice, milk and coffee
Add Ham, pancakes, French toast or rolls $2.50 per person, per item.

Brunch: $19

Scrambled eggs, Ham, Fried Potatoes, Pancakes, English muffins, Mixed Greens, Green Beans, Chicken Marsala, Fruit Salad.

Group Lunches
Served from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Herb-Roasted Chicken $12

Served with Herb-roasted potatoes, vegetable and salad.

Taco Salad $12

Crisp Taco Shell with fresh greens, tomatoes, cheese, onions and seasoned beef. Served with a red chili ranch dressing and sour cream.

Croissant or Cold Sandwich Buffet $12

Served with Croissants and buns, Choice of two meats: Beef, Turkey and Ham. Served with salad, condiments and chips.

Chicken Caesar Salad $12

Crisp romaine lettuce tossed with a creamy Caesar dressing with parmesan cheese croutons and chicken.

Pulled BBQ Pork $12

Slightly smoked pork in a tangy BBQ Sauce. Served with Buns, Two Salads and Chips.

Burger Buffet $11
Grilled Chicken Buffet $12
Burger & Chicken Buffet $14
Burger & Brat Buffet $14

All Buffets served with one salad , baked beans, chips and condiments

Mixed Greens, cole slaw, potato, pasta, caesar or chefs choice.

Corn, green beans, honey-glazed carrots, vegetable medley, broccoli with a lemon butter or chefs choice.


Buffet Dinners

Italian Buffet: $20

Choice of two entrees: Baked Lasagna, Penne Pasta Primavera, Linguine Alfredo with grilled chicken, Cheese Tortellini with a red or white sauce, Pasta Shells with Italian sausage and a creamy marinara sauce, Spaghetti with meatballs with a red sauce or Beef Bolognaise with linguine.

One Entree Buffet – $17

Italian Buffet includes vegetable, tossed salad and garlic bread or bread sticks.


Willow Buffet: $22.00

Choice of two entrees: Slow-Roasted Top Sirloin of Beef, Honey-Glazed Ham, Chicken Marsala, Chicken Dijonaise, Baked Chicken Breast or Slow Roasted Pork Loin with Cinnamon Apples.

One Entree Buffet – $19

Willow Buffet includes: one salad, one vegetable, one potato or side, dinner rolls and coffee


Premium Buffet: $25.00

Choice of two entrees: BBQ Ribs, Stuffed Chicken Breast, Lemon Artichoke Chicken, Ginger Teriyaki Salmon, Boston Style Cod, Chicken Parmesan, London Broil, Roasted Turkey Breast or any entree from the Willow Buffet.

One Entree Buffet – $22

Premium Buffet includes: one salad, one vegetable, one potato or side, dinner rolls and coffee

Salads: mixed greens, cole slaw, potato, pasta, Caesar or chefs choice

Potatoes: baked, herb roasted, parsley buttered, garlic-mashed, whipped or chefs choice

Sides: rice pilaf, macaroni and cheese, pasta w/ red sauce, baked beans or chefs choice

Vegetables: corn, green beans, honey-glazed carrots, vegetable medley, broccoli with lemon butter, or chef’s choice

Add extra salad, vegetable, potato or side $2.00 per person.

Off The Grill Buffet: $18

Choice of two entrees: Chicken Kabob, BBQ Chicken, BBQ Pork, Burger, Chicken Breast or Brats. Dinner includes two sides.

One entrée – $14

Dinner includes two sides.

Sides: Potato salad, coleslaw, macaroni salad, pasta salad, baked beans, herb roasted potatoes, potato chips, corn on the cob or macaroni and cheese.

Add extra side $2.00 per person




Hot hors d’oeuvres

Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts, $120
Chicken Wings- Plain, Honey BBQ, or Teriyaki, $120
Stuffed Mushrooms, $120
Chicken Quesadilla, $115
Meatballs- BBQ or Hawaiian, $120
Cocktail Wieners, $100
Pork Egg Rolls, $100
Crab Cakes, $120

Cold hors d’oeuvres

Shrimp Cocktail, $160
Fresh Fruit, $140
Chips w/ Dip or Salsa, $70
Snack Mix, $60
Meat Tray / Crackers, $140
Vegetable Platter / Dip, $140
Cheese Tray / Crackers, $120
Cocktail Croissants, $140
Deviled Eggs, $100
Southwestern Club Wraps, $120

Hot and Cold Appetizers average 50 – 60  servings per order


House Wine – Glass, $5.50 / Bottle, $25
Carafe of Wine, $15.00
Champagne – Andre, $15 / Asti, $24
Keg – 16 Gallon, $ 290.00 / 8 Gallon $170.00 (Domestics)
Coffee – Gallon, $15.00
Punch – Gallon, $15.00


Brownie Sundae, $6
Strawberry Nachos, $6
French Silk Pie, $6
Cheese Cake / Plain or with a Strawberry sauce, $6
Apple Cobbler, $5
Chocolate Mousse, $5
Cookies and Bars, $120.00

All prices are subject to tax and service charge. All prices may be subject to change.





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